Story, walk, treasure hunt, riddles at different locations of the country.
For the whole family – we mean it!
Special promotion between
1 March and 30 June!

Play in open-air sights for free

Just download the app and you can jump into the adventure
Look at the available locations and choose the one that seems the most interesting or the one nearest to you!
Find all important information about the selected location to avoid surprises!
Go to the location, absorb the atmosphere of the story and the place and find the hidden QR codes!
Solve the riddles to find out the rest of the story!
Meanwhile, have a nice walk at your own pace, enjoy the beauty of the place and learn interesting things about it!

For the whole family –
we mean it

Each location comes with two stories
Children aged 6 to 12 are offered a tale, those above 12 are offered a more serious story but the route is almost the same which means that children and adults may enjoy the same experience, at the same time, at the same place!

Available open-air StayInPlay sights

more playfields are coming soon


A balatonfüredi manók

6 - 12 éveseknek


Egy mozgalmas nyár története

13 - 99 éveseknek


Csopesz Manó meséje

6 - 99 éveseknek

Budapest - Wekerle

Palkó és a kismadár

6 - 12 éveseknek

Budapest - Wekerle

Múltra néző ablakok

13 - 99 éveseknek

Special promotion between
1 March and 30 June!

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Raise your chances to win by publicly posting a selfie with the StayInPlay app at the end of a game.

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StayInPlay promotion regulations.

StayInPlay promotion regulations

What you need for your adventures

A charged smartphone with internet connection
The downloaded free application
About 90 minutes of free time
Home edition
Pre-orderable, introductory price 2990 HUF
Orders are served by our partner website,!

Treasure hunt and puzzles in your own apartment



6 - 12 éveseknek
More games are coming soon
How to play?

What is hidden under the sofa or the carpet? Is the pillowcase filled with treasures? Offer your children the familiar StayInPlay treasure hunt experience at home, on a route that is guaranteed to be unique.

For the creation of the route, you will need a game host who secretly hides the QR codes in the assigned places with a few objects that may be found in each home. The host customizes the route with the navigation written by himself or herself.

In the first home game, children follow the tricks of a clumsy young 0magician apprentice, Petrik Zovojec. They have to find the objects lost in the flat, as the QR codes hidden with them reveal the riddle: the more they solve, the closer they get to the end of the story.

Play, explore, think at home!

Frequently asked questions

What does it cost to me as a user to play with StayInPlay?

The open-air StayInPlay sights and the usage of the application is free for the user, the highly individualizable home versions can be bought at our webshop partner.

What is the recommended age for using StayInPlay?

Since each location comes with a story aimed for at least two age groups, the game is recommended for anyone above 6, with parental guidance if necessary. Keep in mind that the route is about 1 km long and must be completed on foot. The games intended for different age groups may also be played simultaneously, as the stories are parallel throughout the locations of the game.

Is there a minimum number of people for playing StayInPlay games?

The number of people is not limited at all. You can play alone, with friends or family. The only requirement is a smartphone with internet connection. If you play together, one smartphone is enough but you can also use a smartphone each. The games intended for different age groups may also be played simultaneously, as the stories are parallel throughout the locations of the game.

Is a StayInPlay game available in languages other than Hungarian?

Games in open-air sights and majority of the connected stories are available on both Hungarian and English.

What do we need to be able play StayInPlay games?

A charged smartphone with internet connection, the downloaded application and about 90 minutes of free time. If you play together, one smartphone is enough but you can also use a smartphone each.

Do we have to board a vehicle during StayInPlay games?

All StayInPlay game routes may be completed on foot.

How long does a StayInPlay game last?

Since the routes may be completed individually, in your own individual pace, there is no time limit, you can stop to eat, drink and rest at any point. The average time without stops are approximately 60-90 minutes, an estimation is given in the description of each route.

What happens if an unexpected event or the weather suspends the game?

You may continue the route anytime, without a time limit.

Can we play the same game again?

Yes. You may complete the same route as many times as you wish.

Is there a time limit for using StayInPlay games?

No. You may complete the route in your own pace, if you cannot complete it in a day, you can continue any other time.

How difficult are the riddles in StayInPlay games?

Each location has stories and riddles for at least two age groups. We tried to come up with riddles that make you think but also give you a sense of achievement. Of course, the application always offers help, the third help is being the solution itself. Be careful though: the more help you need, the less points you score!